Friday, October 8, 2010


hmmm.. Where will I start? I guess I have to start with subject. What I know about finance, it has lots of computation, kind of accounting thing. But I was wrong when first meeting came. Actually, second meeting, I was absent during the first. Anyway, the subject was challenging. It made me do things that are new to me like the blogging. I've never done blogging until I met Ms. Marian Alaba. She is our Finance teacher that really encourage us to make a blog. In the blog consists discussions that were not done inside the classroom. According to her, it is our online classroom.
One thing I also cannot forget, is our field work. We had an interview with Mr. Jorlito Bacong, the owner of Bacong Fish Broker. Another thing that I did for finance is, when I made a video presentation. I was a call center agent but I am not really that savvy when it comes to movie making or video editing, except Powerpoint presentation.
Also, I haven't had a hard time coping with my classmates since I already know almost all of them. I just have to adjust with the schedule of my class because I have a 6am class.
I guess that's all for my semestral evalution..See you next semester for Finance 2...

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